2016 In-Store Ads


Art of the Deal!

Every year people wait until the day after Thanksgiving to hit their local stores and start their holiday shopping. "Black Friday" is the fateful day when retailers run some of their best deals to lure in customers. Black Friday is fast approaching, and while what will be on sale is a secret for most shoppers till the day of Thanksgiving - when your local newspaper is 4 pounds or more - filled with door buster pricing from every retail store you can imagine - visitors to DotDeals once again in 2016 get a leg up on others - find out what's (likely) on sale now, so that you can be better prepared to face the crowds on 11/24/16!

Believe it or not?

A friend at a credit card company (unofficially) tells me that some bargain hunters even make a point to order new replacement Cards from their Bank's in early November (to avoid running into any processing delays due to old/worn out cards on that weekend!)

Did you hear of the tag team shoppers - these are the skilled lot - who will make it through shopping at 5 stores that exciting morning before some of the other folks even wake up!

How about those deal hunters - who make a point of removing the fold out seats from the back of their van/suv so that they have enough room to load up the car with loot from the day of pillaging!

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